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Science Explained Videos

Created for the National Ecological Observatory Network to explain some of earths complex processes, and how scientists measure them. 

Eddy Covariance

This video was created at NEON with the help of Dr. Stefan Metzger and the rest of the Eddy Covariance team. Along with creating and animating all the assets for this video. I was also able to write a lot of the script, allowing me to work more creatively while also being very technical and true to the science.  This is the #1 ranked Eddy Covariance video on Youtube.

Ecological Forecasting

An overview about Ecological Forecasting was created in collaboration with Dr. Michael Dietze, of Boston University. It’s meant to provide an overview of the science and and it’s societal importance. I wrote a good portion of the script along with creating all the graphic assets and animations. This is the #1 ranked Ecological Forecasting video on Youtube.


This video was created at NEON in coordination with Dr. Leah Wasser, Director of Earth Analytics Education Initiative, at CU. We worked closely to produce a video that has proven to be a valuable learning tool. At almost 400k, this is one of the most viewed videos about Lidar on Youtube.

Measuring Photosynthesis

This video was created at NEON in coordination with Dr. Dave Moore of the University of Arizona’s School of Natural resources and the Environment. We worked closely, along with NEON staff, to create an original script, graphics and animations that provided a clear view of the photosynthetic process and how it’s measured.

Spectral Remote Sensing

This video was created at NEON in coordination with Dr. Leah Wasser, Director of Earth Analytics Education Initiative, at the University of Colorado. By creating visually informative graphics and animations, I was able to weave together the story of Spectral Remote Sensing and how it’s used to measure earth’s systems.

NEON Field Site Drone Overview Videos

A series of overview videos from fieldsites across the US where NEON collects standardized ecological data. These videos were produced with a mix Motion graphics, video editing, audio recording/editing, and color correction.

Toolik Lake


San Joaquin

Lower Teakettle

Klemme Range

Soaproot Saddle

NEON Data Pipeline Overview Videos

These videos were created at NEON in coordination with science protocol authors to provide an overview of NEON’s 3 different data pipelines, Instrument Systems, Airborne Observation Platform, and Observational Sampling. The videos follow the journey of ecological data collected from the field to publication on the NEON Data Portal to ensure the highest quality.


IS Pipeline

AOP Pipeline

OS Pipeline


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