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Motion Graphics & Animated Logos

From creating technical science videos to animated logos, and everything in between, I bring creativity, skills, experience, and energy into every project. Passionate about science. My mission is to create exceptional visual media products that illustrate complex ideas in a fun and engaging way.


Crashing the Party

This logo and bumper was created for Free Speech TV to compliment their Crashing the Party campaign coverage. I developed the idea through a series of thumbnails that I eventually scanned it into Adobe Illustrator to clean up, colorize, and break down into layers for animating in Aftereffects.

NEON Training Intro

As part of NEON’s commitment to standardized training for all their field scientists, this logo was created to introduce each training video series. I created the art in Adobe Illustrator then imported it into Aftereffects, in layers, to animate.

Season Spotter Logo

This animated logo for, a Citizen Science phenology tracker, was initially created through a process of revised thumbnail sketches. I vectorized the sketch in Adobe Illustrator before importing it into Aftereffects for the final animation.

Free Speech TV ID Bumper

I was given the original vector logo from the FSTV team in order build a 3D logo animation to bumper a large suite of their programming and social media outreach.

Amy Goodman Promo

This Amy Goodman bumper, for Free Speech TV, was created in Photoshop and animated in Aftereffects. It was templatized so that FSTV staff could easily swap out the character image and text information for various television shows.

Japanese Script 

This video created for the Defense Language Institute, provides an overview about Japanese language and script. DoD personnel are required to review content like this before deployment to the region.

Tausug Cultural Notes

This video created for the Defense Language Institute, provides an overview about different aspects of the Tausug culture of the Philippines. All DoD personell being deployed to this region are required to learn and review “basics” of the culture, language and environment.

FSTV Covers the RNC

This Republican National Convention bumper, created for FreeSpeech TV, is part of a larger broadcast package I put together for coverage the 2016 elections. 

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